About Tadbir Tejarat

Established in 2015, Tadbir Tejarat Company is dedicated to supplying high-quality bitumen, along with consultancy for road construction projects. Our primary focus lies in the supply of various pure bitumen types, with an emphasis on polymer-modified bitumen. Beyond supplying bitumen, we specialize in providing expert counsel on the production of polymer-modified bitumen, and modified asphalt. Many bitumen and asphalt-producing companies have leveraged our services to enhance the quality of their products.

At Tadbir Tejarat, we offer a comprehensive service for a secure purchase. We guide customers for product selection, supply, and quality control for modified bitumen, ensuring a reliable experience. Our technical expertise is evident through the successful numerous projects in bitumen manufacturing and modified asphalt implementation.

Join us in building a future where quality and innovation define the road construction industry.

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